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Family Law

Experienced & Compassionate Family Law Attorneys

Many people may consider our team at Oxendine Law as “divorce attorneys”. It’s true that we successfully handle a large number of divorces, but we specialize in family law as a whole which includes far more than just divorce. Family law is a field that includes most of the legal milestones that happen in a person’s home life. The most common issues in family law include:


  • Divorces
  • Child custody
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Child support

However, we also handle the more intricate issues such as:


  • Complex custody issues
  • High asset divorces
  • Contested divorces
  • Paternity and legitimization matters
  • Modification to past family law Orders
  • Mediation
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Grandparents’ rights

From the first time you meet with our attorneys at Oxendine Law, LLC, you will find a team of dedicated, experienced legal professionals who care about you and your family. We are genuinely concerned with the impact these issues have on your daily life and can advise you how the legal decisions made today will affect you, your children, and the lives of your loved ones in future. We are committed to guiding families through each step of their case while providing accessible and personalized legal representation.


If you have a case that involves any of the issues above, we can help. Call our family law office to set up a consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

If my spousal support payments are based on my income, will they automatically become lower if my income becomes lower?
No, not automatically. Whether you and your spouse reach an agreement or the judge determines your support obligation, that obligation ultimately becomes an Order of the Court and therefore stays in place until it expires or the Court modifies it. If either party’s income or other circumstances change there are limited circumstances in which alimony can be modified. Our family lawyers can walk you through this process and help determine if you have grounds for a modification.


There seems to be a wide range of prices for divorce attorneys. Why is there such a disparity in prices?
As is often true in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to retaining a family law attorney. Depending on the details of your divorce, there is a high chance that your case will involve other aspects of family law like dividing investments and assets, child support, and parental rights. Experienced lawyers, like our team at Oxendine Law, will be able to provide you with all the expertise you need from start to finish. You are selecting an attorney to represent you because your future, your children’s future, and your finances are all on the line. Invest in yourself by retaining an expert that will ensure you get the best possible results.


Prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy, so the average person does not need one, right?
While prenuptial agreements are more common among wealthy people for obvious reasons, they offer plenty of benefits to middle-class individuals as well. None of us know the what the future will hold for our financial situation. Even if your net worth doesn’t increase during your marriage, a divorce often goes more smoothly if you have already decided certain issues ahead of time in your prenuptial agreement. Speaking with a family lawyer before you get married (or soon after marriage to draw up a postnuptial agreement) is a smart financial move for anyone.