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If your marriage is ending and you depended on your spouse financially, you may have concerns about how you will support yourself. Perhaps you were enrolled in school furthering your education. Maybe you were caring for your children or your home full-time. On the other hand, maybe you are the breadwinner in your marriage and you want to protect yourself from having to pay so much in alimony that you are unable to afford a life of your own.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to consult with a spousal support attorney from Oxendine Law. We can discuss your options and educate you about the types of payments that may be involved and the best strategy for your situation. Our team is here to protect your financial interests and to make sure you are treated fairly throughout the divorce process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorces in Georgia

What is the difference between alimony and spousal support?
Nothing. Those are simply two terms that refer to the same thing – support payments paid by one spouse to another as temporary financial assistance to allow the lower-earning spouse time to become financially independent.

When is alimony awarded in Georgia divorces?
Alimony is based upon two general principles: The payor’s ability to pay, and the recipient’s need for support. In alimony cases, the parties can agree to the alimony details or the details will be determined by the Court. Either way, the Final Order will set forth the monthly amount and the duration of the payments and may include other conditions. Our knowledgeable divorce attorneys have extensive experience in Georgia’s family court system and we know how to protect your rights and your financial stability.

How is spousal support calculated in Georgia?
There are a variety of factors considered when determining the amount of spousal support that is fair to everyone. These factors include:

  • Any existing debt and how that debt is divided;
  • The length of the marriage;
  • The standard of living you had during your marriage;
  • The impact the spousal support will have on each person’s taxes;
  • Each spouse’s education level and employability;
  • Each spouse’s current job/income and potential income;
  • Sacrifices each spouse made during the marriage.

With every divorce case we strive for the parties to reach a fair agreement as to spousal support. While the Court exists as an option if the parties cannot agree, we lose all negotiating power when the matter is submitted to the Court to decide. Our divorce attorneys are not only experts in Georgia family law but are also skilled in the art of negotiation to help you and ex-to-be reach a fair compromise.

How long will I have to pay spousal support?
In Georgia, you can either negotiate spousal support payments that last for a set amount of time, or they can be indefinite. We are seeing an end to the “lifelong alimony” trend and it is very rare that any Court orders indefinite alimony payments. There are also specific circumstances that may end spousal support payments such as the receiving spouse getting married or cohabitating with a new romantic partner. Of course, each case is unique, and our divorce attorneys can help you understand the details of your case.

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You may be concerned about the amount of spousal support you need to support yourself or about the spousal support you may be required to pay. Whether you are seeking an award of support, or preparing to pay, our firm can help. Working with a qualified and skilled attorney from our legal team is in your best interest.

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